Creating custom serilog enrichers

If like me you think Serilog is pretty fantastic then you might have wanted to extend your implementation with custom enrichers.

Below are a couple templates you can use to dynamically enrich your logs with whatever properties you need.

In my example I’m enriching my logs with the property ReleaseNumber given the environment variable RELEASE_NUMBER.

1. Create the log event enricher

This is the real meat when it comes to creating a custom Serilog enricher. The two important aspects are setting a constant PropertyName value and providing a means to resolve the value of that property.

public class ReleaseNumberEnricher : ILogEventEnricher
    LogEventProperty _cachedProperty;

    public const string PropertyName = "ReleaseNumber";

    /// <summary>
    /// Enrich the log event.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="logEvent">The log event to enrich.</param>
    /// <param name="propertyFactory">Factory for creating new properties to add to the event.</param>
    public void Enrich(LogEvent logEvent, ILogEventPropertyFactory propertyFactory)

    private LogEventProperty GetLogEventProperty(ILogEventPropertyFactory propertyFactory)
        // Don't care about thread-safety, in the worst case the field gets overwritten and one property will be GCed
        if (_cachedProperty == null)
            _cachedProperty = CreateProperty(propertyFactory);

        return _cachedProperty;

    // Qualify as uncommon-path
    private static LogEventProperty CreateProperty(ILogEventPropertyFactory propertyFactory)
        var value = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("RELEASE_NUMBER") ?? "local";
        return propertyFactory.CreateProperty(PropertyName, value);

2. Provide a means to add your enricher to your logger configuration

public static class LoggingExtensions
    public static LoggerConfiguration WithReleaseNumber(
        this LoggerEnrichmentConfiguration enrich)
        if (enrich == null)
            throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(enrich));

        return enrich.With<ReleaseNumberEnricher>();

3 Time to use your enricher!

There’s two ways we can go about using a custom enricher. First is probably the simplest and most commonly adopted way.

Builder style

Along with any other setup, here we can add our own enricher to the configuration builder.

var logger = new LoggerConfiguration()

Configuration style

The alternative way is to import your enricher using an appsettings.json file using the Serilog.Settings.Configuration package.

This package will scan all assemblies listed in the Using property (as well as any assemblies belonging to the Serilog namespace) for methods extending the LoggerEnrichmentConfiguration object.

If your enricher isn’t being applied then double check the Using property matches the dll where your extension method resides.

  "Serilog": {
    "MinimumLevel": {
      "Default": "Debug"
    "WriteTo": [
        "Name": "Console"
    "Using": [ "Example.Assembly.Name" ],
    "Enrich": [ "FromLogContext", "WithReleaseNumber" ]


How painless was that?

— Dan